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May Activity Packs 2020

While the Pack is still impacted by restrictions, we wanted to provide kits for the scouts to make a few crafts during their time at home. These may make good gifts for scout moms with Mothers Day coming up soon. Each kit is random, and scouts may receive 2-3 of these activities. We would love to see the final outcomes, so please post pics on our Facebook page.

Celtic Heart Knot

These knots can be tied and made into either a necklace or a key chain. When you tie these knots, remember not to pull them tight. they are designed to be made loosely. After you have tied your knot, you can place the "Tree of Life" charm at the base.   

To learn how to tie this knot you can visit the following links:

Wind Chime Kits

There is a bag filled with supplied to make a small wind chime. This craft was created by the leaders at Pack 55, so there is not website for directions.

Below you will find the steps to make the wind chimes:
  1. Cut the included fishing line into 12 inch segments. 
  2. Thread the line through the long chime first and then put each end up through a hole on wood log top
  3. Tie a knot at the top. The chime should hang between two holes. 
  4. Repeat the step working in size order from the largest to the smallest chime
  5. The chimes do not need to hang perfectly even
  6. Once all the chimes have been tied, you will hang the key in the center
  7. Pass the fishing line through the top of the key, and up through the two holes in the center and tie.
  8. The key should hang at a level where it can make contact with every chime
  9. Once the key is hanging at the right height, use another piece of fishing live to tie the wood sail about 4-6 inches below the key.
The wind chimes are now finished. Feel free to decorate the wind sail as you wish!

Radish Seed Plants

Included in your pack is soil and seeds to grow a radish. If you are going to use the small plastic planter, you may want to place a piece of paper towel at the bottom. For more information about radish plants, please go to: